Costa Coffee customer branded ‘baby’ after blocking drive thru for hour over 50p

Imagine this, if you will – you're craving a caffeine hit so you've nip to your local coffee shop and order your favourite drink.

You can't wait to take that first sip, but when the barista hands over your beverage and you do just that, you're disappointed to realise it's not what you ordered.

How would you handle the situation? Drink it anyway because you're British and it's the polite thing to do, or simply ask for another?

Well, if you said yes to either of those, your reaction would be very different to one man on Twitter , who claims he held up a Costa Coffee drive thru window for more than an hour after staff made him the wrong drink.

In a now-deleted series of tweets, a user, known only as Lynden, shared details of his heated experience at the coffee chain, reports Metro.

He said: "I went to my local Costa drive thru and ordered a Cold Brew with regular syrup. £3.45.

"What do I get? An Iced Americano. Without my syrup. So not only am I being ripped off I'm getting the wrong ingredients in my drink."

The man goes on to claim that when he questioned this with staff they "bare face lied" and told him it was the drink he'd ordered.

Things escalated when the manager was called over to join the conversation – at which point Lynden decided to start blocking the drive thru.

"NOBODY in this damn drive thru is moving until this is sorted," he wrote. "I've been sat in silence now for about eight minutes as I watch the Costa people scurry around. The queues are now backing up outside the carpark."

Time ticks on. After half an hour the manager hands the man another drink, apologising for any previous errors.

However Lynden's not impressed with this gesture and instead wants a refund as he's been waiting so long. The manager refuses, so he vows to stay right where he is for as long as it takes to get what he wants.

Fifty minutes pass and the manager finally decides to offer a refund for the Iced Americano, but this means Lynden would be 50p out of pocket. He doesn't take the deal and demands his 50p.

"Where the HELL is my other FIFTY PENCE," he tweets. "I am absolutely raging."

Things only continue to get worse, with Lynden confessing that he ended up throwing the Americano back through the window, causing coffee to go "everywhere".

"Time in drive thru: 1hr 11 mins. The Manager gets his drink back as I throw it through the window. Poorly made coffee. EVERYWHERE.

"My final comment 'I will shut this drive thru all day'."

Fed up of the drama, staff eventually give him the 50p and he drives off an hour and 14 minutes after he arrived.

People were appalled by his tweets and didn't refrain from telling him so, with some branding him a "baby" for the way he acted.

One person replied: "You literally threw a tantrum over a coffee, ruined those poor workers day, then came on Twitter to brag about it."

Another commented: "You really need to get a grip you spoilt baby, and learn how to treat people (in poorly paid jobs). You obviously have too much time on your hands, this is trash."

A third added: "I hope this is all a joke. Did you tweet this expecting people to support you? Because you have come out of it looking like a stroppy manbaby."

Clearly not expecting this kind of response, Lynden has since deleted his Twitter account.

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