Cows swam five miles to safety after being swept away by Hurricane Dorian

Three cows that had been living on an island and thought lost to the sea have been discovered safe and well.

The trio of castaways were believed to have died in Hurricane Dorian’s storm surge but it appears as though they swam for several miles to escape.

Officials from Cape Lookout National Seashore think they swam up to five miles during the storm which hit at the end of August and early September. They were found near Cape Lookout earlier this month.

They belong to a heard that roams freely on Cedar Island, across the sound. When Dorian generated an 8ft ‘mini tsunami’, it washed them and dozens of other animals away, including 28 wild horses that died.

Seashore spokesman BG Horvat said the cows are grazing peacefully after a harrowing feat of survival, but they need to go home.

He thinks they’ll have to be sedated for the boat trip.

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