Donald Trump's Former Aide Believes the Possible Loss of Trump Tower Would Be More Devastating Than Prison

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Now that New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron sided with state Attorney General Letitia James that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization committed decades of business fraud, the former president might be facing the end of his Manhattan real estate empire. The business mogul boasted for years about having his name emblazoned on the sides of major properties in the Big Apple, and it’s something The View host, and former White House Director of Strategic Communications, Alyssa Farah Griffin thinks will affect him tremendously if he loses his prized possessions. 

Griffin, who is now an outspoken critic of her former boss, shared her thoughts on how he will react to the quite dire situation. “This is how crazy it is. He inflated the value of Mar-A-Lago, his club down in Florida by 2,300 percent. That would be like me saying that my two-bedroom apartment is like a multi for penthouse and then trying to get a line of credit off of it. It’s insanity! An average person would be in jail for doing it,” she explained on Wednesday’s episode of The View

Alyssa Farrah Griffin arriving to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner held at the Washington Hilton Hotel on April 29, 2023 in Washington D.C.

She believes that his ego is going to take a massive hit if he’s forced to sell his beloved 5th Avenue building with the iconic Tiffany’s store on street level. “Here’s the thing, like because I do know the man decently well, he thinks that being a loser or being poor or struggling financially, those are the absolute worst things. He never learned that playground lesson we did, that winning isn’t everything,” she added “I honestly think seeing the same Trump Tower taken off of Fifth Avenue would be more devastating to him than sitting in a prison cell because it says unequivocally, he is a loser in the place he always wanted to be.”

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Prison doesn’t sound like a fun place to be, but Griffin knows how important it is for him to maintain appearances, especially in elite social circles. Engoron hasn’t ruled on what Donald Trump needs to do with his assets at this point, but the upcoming trial could result in further fines for him, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. The price of doing business may get very expensive for the former president.

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