Ecurie Ecosse Revives the 1969 Jaguar XJ13 Prototype Through Its Own Bespoke LM69

Scottish racing team Ecurie Ecosse has breathed new air into Jaguar‘s vintage XJ13 prototype through the creation of its very own LM69.

For those unfamiliar, the XJ13 was a prototype racer built by Jaguar back in 1966 in an effort to return to Le Mans. It carried a massive quad-cam 5.0-liter V12 engine and was the British automaker’s first-ever mid-engined car, but despite these advancements, it remained just a prototype, its plans of racing never quite taking off.

To celebrate this missed opportunity and what-if story, Ecurie Ecosse took this historical racer and created the LM69 from it, a fully road-legal race car carrying elegantly sinuous bodywork inspired by the original Jaguar prototype. While it uses lighter materials, experimental aerodynamic components, and wider wheels and tires, one thing the bespoke automaker decided to retain is the core of the XJ13: its thunderous V12.

Limited to just 25 units made — the minimum amount required for the production vehicle to get approved for competition back in 1969 — you can learn more about the LM69 over on Ecurie Ecosse’s website.

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