Exclusive: Lorenzo's Return Shakes Up the Tejada Clan in Power Book II's Sneak Peek

Lorenzo’s back, and that spells a whole lot of trouble. The Tejada patriarch is ready to get back to business with his family in Power Book II: Ghost‘s new episode. In an exclusive sneak peek of episode six, “What’s Free,” the Tejada kids — Cane (Woody McClain), Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray), and Diana (LaToya Tonodeo) — roll out the welcome mat for their father’s (Berto Colon) return from prison. Everyone seems excited about the family finally getting back together — well, everyone except Monet (Mary J. Blige).

In the show’s previous episode, Monet is shocked to find her husband already back at home after finally coming up with an escape plan from the drug game with her former lover Mecca (Daniel Sunjata). But now that things are changing for her family, her scheme could be all screwed up. “Everything is going to be the way it used to be,” Lorenzo says in the clip. Ahead of Power Book II: Ghost‘s season two premiere, both Blige and Colon warned viewers the family ties with the Tejada clan would be tested in a major way this time around.

“Obviously, there’s an escalation in all those relationships,” Colon told POPSUGAR. “So the plot is thickening a little bit with the Tejadas. And for Lorenzo, the one thing that’s always existed with his character is how much of an influence can he have without having a presence [at home]?” Now that he’s back, the Tejada organization may fall back into his control, so Monet will surely feel the pressure to maintain her power.

Watch the teaser clip above ahead of episode six’s premiere on Sunday, Jan. 9.

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