Fan Restores Original 'Super Mario World' Soundtrack

Fans of retro gaming, especially of the original Super Mario World game title, will not want to miss this piece of OST gold. A game soundtrack researcher by the user name The Brickster has amassed all the “restored” versions of the tracks from Super Mario World.

Freeing the files from their highly-compressed forms, each melody can now be enjoyed the same way composer Koji Kondo did in 1990. The Brickster told Polygon that he first found the names of the original sound samples in the Nintendo gigaleak, and that he had to backtrack and research the different hardware Kondo was using at the time to ensure the restored versions were accurate. “For example,” The Brickster commented, “one sound was called ‘fantasy’ in the source files. Knowing what I knew of Kondo’s setup during the time of Mario World, I deduced this must mean the ‘Fantasia’ patch from the Roland D-550, a synth he owned at the time.”

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