Greg Mike Releases 'MAD CAN' Crypto Art Collectibles

Atlanta-born visual artist Greg Mike has made his mark in the world of crypto art, partnering up with Nifty Gateway to release a series of MAD CAN digital art collectibles. The NFT artworks portray Mike’s whimsical, spray-can humanoids in an array of colorful compositions and motifs.

The series, entitled NIFTY FIFTY, are currently being sold as NFTs with an accompanying Infinite Objects frame and a special crystal Loudmouf sculpture in a collectible box — acting as a physical token for interested collectors. Accompanying the standalone series is a selection of collaborative NFT pieces made with digital artistsBillelis and Loudsqueak.

“With this exclusive digital release, Greg Mike aims to take his artwork into a realm that wasn’t previously accessible through standard art media,” said Nifty Gateway in a statement. “Collectors can expect the artist’s iconic characters to come to life in evolving colors and movements that push the boundaries of what was previously possible.”

Check out select NFT works by Greg Mike above and then head to Nifty Gateway’s website to purchase the limited and open edition digital artworks.

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