‘GTA Online’ Gets an Automotive-Focused Update

With Grand Theft Auto Online’s next biggest update, the underground tuner scene comes to life. The forthcoming major update, titled Los Santos Tuners, arrives next Tuesday and features a number of new additions.

Getting started with this new update, members might find themselves at a graffitied warehouse in Cypress Flats, also known as the “LS Car Meet.” The LS Car Meet is a new social space for players to showcase their vehicles, become an LS Car Meet member to customize vehicles in real-time with friends, demo new cars and more. Members will also get the opportunity to compete in Prize Ride Challenger for access to special features and shops.

The new game update also introduces a number of new races both inside and outside of the LS Car Meet, each with their own leaderboards. They include head-to-head challenges, multiplayer scrambles to collect checkpoints and time trials. Additionally, the update comes with two new race series: Street Race Series and Pursuit Series.

Like any street racing scene, reputation is everything. In the update, players can earn their reputation by participating in races, daily login bonuses, logging time on the test track and just hanging out at the Car Meet. By doing so, players will get access to a number of rewards such as gear, car customizations, the ability to hold their own private Car Meet and more.

A GTA update would be incomplete without some new cars. Ranging from imported tuner cars to American muscle cars, there will be 17 new cars in total, with 10 dropping on the July 20 launch.

To gain full access to all of the features in the LS Car Meet, there’s a GTA$50,000  membership fee for players.

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