Instagram Launches New Features for Stories, Reels and Feed

Big changes are arriving on Instagram this week, enabling creators to tell their stories, connect with their audiences and express themselves in new ways. The platform’s very first Product Week starts this Tuesday, featuring daily product drops and launches.

On October 19, Instagram is introducing Collabs, which allows users to co-author feed posts and Reels. From the tagging screen, users can invite collaborators. If accepted, the content will be displayed on both accounts, and both account titles will appear in the header. The posts/Reels will also have a shared like count, view count, and comment section.

On October 20, the platform is testing a new way to make fundraisers easier. With the new update, users can start a fundraiser from the “+” creation button in the top right corner where nonprofits can be selected to be added to a feed post. While the fundraiser feature isn’t new, the update streamlines the process which can be done right from the profile tab.

On October 21, Instagram debuts its Superbeat for Reels and feed creation for desktop web. Superbeat intelligently applies special effects to the beat of the featured song which can be incorporated in unison with Dynamic or 3D lyric effects to make the content even more engaging. Due to popular demand, IG is also allowing users to post photos and videos under a minute in length directly from the desktop browser.

In other tech news, Facebook executives tease the new VR headset prototypes.
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