Jack Harlow Shares His Past With Nardwuar in "Bucket List" Interview

Following an interview with J.Cole in December, Nardwuar stopped by Malibu to interview Louisville-born rapper Jack Harlow.

The self-proclaimed Human Serviette starts the interview by gifting Harlow with a 1NCE AGAIN record from A Tribe Called Quest to which Harlow revealed that his mom was actually the one who put him on the rap group. The interview then goes into Harlow’s early days, music inspirations, and his love for soccer to which we learn he’s a Chelsea fan and played center back on his school team.

Harlow is big on representing his city, and Nardwuar allows him to do so, highlighting local artists that he grew up with and introducing him to classic tracks that came from his area. Harlow is a big fan of Nardwuar and shows his gratitude throughout the interview for being able to be featured. “This is bucket list, this is a milestone moment for me, I grew up watching so many people, but I’ve been enjoying your interviews for a decade but to now finally get mine means a lot, seriously.”

Harlow goes on to recall when there were so few people at his Vancouver concert, he wasn’t allowed on stage and had to perform on the floor level. He brushed it off as a “character-building exercise” and came back a year later to perform to a crowd of two to three hundred, and is planning on going once more soon. He also reveals, “I always tell Drake Toronto’s cool, but they ain’t Calgary I’m a big Calgary fan.”

The 23-year-old rapper ends the interview with a message for the youth. “Go to work, go get it, focus you can have whatever you want. I manifested this,” he said. “Nardwuar is someone I grew up on and I always said I’m going to do a Nardwuar interview. I said it and it happened because I wanted it to happen. This is amazing, thank you.”

Take a look at the full interview above.

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