Joan Linder and Maureen O'Leary Turn the Suburbs Surreal

Anyone who has grown up in the suburbs, can attest that they are a weird place — far removed from city life. Many families sprawl out for a number of reasons — lower living costs, peace and clarity or wider spaces. But often times, these communities have an unusual code of conduct that sees neighbors interacting in a strange and secretive relationship, that at times, broods with mischief and voyeurism.

This underbelly is the object of focus for artists Joan Linder and Maureen O’Leary in their latest exhibition, Slightly Surreal Suburbia, which is now viewing at New York’s Cristin Tierney Gallery. Both artists hail just north in Buffalo and Mt. Sinai and are no strangers to the ‘burbs. Viewing O’Leary’s paintings demonstrate the oddness of daily life — a moody pastiche that ranges between figuration and the abstract. While Linder alludes to many items that we can all relate too — Amazon boxes, Wet Ones, Target bags — all slightly distorted as if you were just realizing you are in a dream state.

Slightly Surreal Suburbia is the first exhibition for both artists with Cristin Tierney Gallery and will be on view until August 6.

For those on the opposite coast, be sure to check out Robert Lazzarini’s distorted movie title cards.

Cristin Tierney Gallery
219 Bowery, Floor 2
New York, NY
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