KidSuper Debuts an Eclectic Spring/Summer 2022 Lookbook

KidSuper transformed everyday pedestrians into fashion models for its Spring/Summer 2022 collection’s lookbook, building on the line’s explorative tagline — “What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?” — by making a few dreams come true.

Designed by creative director Colm Dillane, the collection employs an explosion of color, dropping kaleidoscopic tones and bold graphics atop a range of two-piece sets, blazers, jackets, pants, shorts, dresses and more. Standouts include a pink-and-blue suit and shorts combo that boasts the designer’s signature face motif, shoes flaunting the same iconography in a variety of colors and vibrant velour tracksuits, among several others.

When the range first debuted during Paris Fashion Week in June of last year, the label asked 300 random people the collection’s titular question and actually helped fulfill their lifetime goals. Among them, KidSuper assisted a man in hosting a family reunion, flew a mother and her son to Paris and organized a skydiving trip for a daredevil.

“The people who wear the clothes in a way are the inspiration for the garments,” reads the collection notes. “Kidsuper is so much about the world we have created, which goes beyond the clothes, and that was the goal, to reflect that in the garments. That’s why each piece is a statement and one of a kind because the person who can wear such loud pieces has a bit of daredevil in them and might even skydive wearing a full corduroy Kidsuper suit.”

Peruse KidSuper’s Spring/Summer 2022 “What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?” lookbook above.

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