Kind-hearted fish lover gives sick fish watery wheelchair to help keep it afloat

It’s no fishy tale – this poorly pet has its own watery “wheelchair” to help it stay afloat.

Animal lover Henry Kim created the device after some of his goldfish died from swim bladder disorder.

The disease causes them to float upside down or sink.

Designer Henry, 32, used Google to come up with his moulded plastic invention.

He has more than 20 goldfish in three tanks in his home in Seoul, South Korea.

He said the disorder can be caused by factors such as overeating or dirty water.

“I often find it in fish from Thailand or China,” he said.

“Fish with this issue only live a couple of months, but thanks to this device, one of my fish has lived to be five months old.”

Fish fans often go the extra mile – in 2016, pet Nemo went on a 200-mile round trip to Bristol to have a tumour removed.

It all went swimmingly.

Meanwhile, one woman was given a very unusual task at her friend's wedding – and it saw her cleaning up a lot of dead goldfish.

The bride loves animals, especially fish, and is an "on and off again vegetarian, PETA supporter etc".

So for her special day she decided she wanted bowls filled with live goldfish as her centre pieces.

And that wasn't all – she also decided the fish could double up as wedding favours, and each guest would be given one at the end of the night.

Her maid of honour was very worried about the welfare of the fish, and was also concerned that not all of the guests would want to adopt a pet at the end of the wedding.

She voiced her thoughts to the bride-to-be, but she didn't see the problem.

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