King Charles’ Siblings May Be Ignoring the New Monarch’s Royal Wishes

It’s no secret that King Charles III doesn’t want Prince Andrew associated with the royal family. The disgraced royal was involved with Jeffrey Epstein, and both King Charles III and Prince William have been working hard to distance the royal who was facing a sexual assault civil lawsuit. Despite their efforts, it seems like other members of the royal family didn’t get the memo — or are flat out ignoring it.

Princess Anne and Prince Edward, along with other royal family members, were spotted at the Windsor shooting party with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York over the weekend. Ultimately, King Charles opted not to attend the shoot once he learned of Prince Andrew’s presence, and a source told Daily Mail that he was “displeased” with Edward and Anne for their support of Andrew.

“Anne and Edward had been privately concerned about Andrew and wanted to check on him,” the source revealed. “But Charles’s view is that he should not be in the public eye. His Majesty was not thrilled at all.”

Despite his career-damning interview following the Epstein case, Prince Andrew was reportedly “blindsided” and left “utterly bereft” at the fact King Charles did not want him to return to public duties. According to The Times, the Duke is in “bad shape” and is unsure of how his life will pan out in the wake of the sexual assault allegations, which he has repeatedly denied. He still lives at the Royal Lodge in Windsor in a separate wing of the house from his former wife Sarah Ferguson.

On October 5, Peacock released a documentary titled Prince Andrew: Banished, which featured some pretty damning insights about his life as a royal, namely how Queen Elizabeth II’s “intense affection” shielded him from repercussions of bad behavior earlier in life.

It seems that there are still some members of the royal family keen on shielding him from public scorn, and only time will tell how King Charles continues to handle this royal family conundrum.

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