Kiss92 FM, One FM 91.3 programme director dies at 50

Mr Jamie Meldrum, former DJ and senior programme director at Kiss92 FM and One FM 91.3, has died at the age of 50.

In a statement yesterday, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Radio said he died as a result of natural causes.

It added that he leaves behind his wife Sarocha Meldrum and three children – Kat (Rattikan), Peter (Kamalas) and Christopher Meldrum – as well as parents Ross and Christine Meldrum and sisters Melissa Henderson and Melinda Reid.

A Kiss92 post yesterday on Facebook said: “To many of us at SPH Radio, Jamie has been more than a manager, more than a colleague. He was a friend, a mentor who has meant so much to many of us.

“The weight of losing someone so influential in our lives is indescribable.

“While we may never be the same with his passing, we will honour his legacy with every minute the radio is on.”

The Queensland-born Mr Meldrum was also the creative head at the stations and he frequently did local and regional voice-over work for animations and commercials.

After graduating from the Australian Institute of Radio & Television in 1986, he worked at Sony Music and as a nightclub DJ before moving to radio stations in Sydney and Brisbane.

He also dabbled in hosting television shows.

He arrived in Singapore in 1998, co-hosting Class 95 FM’s top-rated breakfast show, The Morning Express, with Petrina Kow and “Flying Dutchman” Mark van Cuylenburg in 1999 and 2000. He joined SPH Radio in 2006.

Kiss92 DJs weighed in on the loss with posts on Facebook.


It is a rare privilege to find that your cheerleader in the media industry is your boss. He was a great man and I will miss him dearly.

DJ JOSHUA SIMON, who hosts weeknight shows on the Kiss92 FM radio station, on Mr Jamie Meldrum.

Desiree Lai, who helms the station’s weekend night shows, wrote: “To my dear boss, colleague and friend, please rest well.”

“Rest In Peace Jamie R Meldrum. No doubt you’re off to rock that big microphone in the sky!”, wrote Tim Oh, who hosts weekday evening shows.

Joshua Simon, who hosts weeknight shows on the station, said he remembered Mr Meldrum as a mentor and the man who gave him his start in radio nine years ago.

“More than a boss, he has been a friend, sending me song recommendations of 90s club hits from when he would DJ back in the day,” he wrote.

“When (my single) All I Wanna Do came out, he championed it, sent it to his industry peers around the world, and put it on air – he didn’t have to do that, he chose to.

“He has always chosen to do and be more. The man’s larger than life.”

Simon added: “It is a rare privilege to find that your cheerleader in the media industry is your boss. He was a great man and I will miss him dearly.”

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