Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone Have Reportedly Broken Up 2 Months After Her 25th Birthday

After four years together, Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have called it quits. While celebrity breakups happen all the time, the internet is going crazy over this one, and not for the typical reason of heartbreak. The long internet joke that DiCaprio doesn’t date women after they turn 25 just got more credible because he and Morrone split up literally two months after her birthday.

The model and Titanic star started dating back in 2017, causing a bit of controversy due to their 23-year age gap. But nonetheless, the pair seemed super in love whenever they were seen out in public. (Especially during their dual trip to France with his mother!) Many thought Morrone would be different, with a source telling E! News, “Leo has been settling into this domestic life with Cami, as opposed to all the time he used to spend out with his boys… he does really like his life with her and they’re a lot more couple-y than they used to be.”

However, it was sadly not meant to be. And, the timing is a bit awkward, to say the least.

In case you don’t know, there’s an ongoing internet joke that the cutoff age that DiCaprio dates is 25 years old, and this news definitely feeds into that. A Reddit graph made in the group r/dataisbeautiful found that the cutoff age DiCaprio always dates is 25, meaning every serious relationship he’s been in has been with women of or younger than 25. The graph showed how he and Gisele Bündchen broke up when she was 23, he and Bar Refaeli broke up when she turned 25 after five years together, and so on.

As you can expect, the graph is making rounds again on Twitter as we speak.


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