Let Tanjiro Serve You a Slice in Pizza-La's New 'Demon Slayer' Collaboration

Pizza-La, the second highest-grossing pizza chain in Japan after Domino’s Pizza, has just announced a special Demon Slayer menu.

The collaborative menu will see promotional artwork featuring the main characters of the anime dressed as staff of the pizza franchise. These graphics will appear on the menus, pizza boxes, and in the form of collectible stickers.

The main draw from this menu is the Demon Slayer Pizza pack, a medium pizza that is made from four different styles of pizza — “Tanjiro’s Charcoal BBQ Beef,” “Nezuko’s Mochi Mentaiko,” “Zenitsu’s Bacon Egg Cheddar,” and “Inosuke’s coarsely grounded sausage.” Purchase of this ¥2,980 JPY (approximately $27 USD) pizza also gives fans a chance to obtain one of five different acrylic display figures. Currently only for the Japanese market, this Demon Slayer pizza is available nationwide at Pizza-La for a limited-time only.

In other food news, Hyotanya combines Hokusai’s famous woodblock prints with Japan’s highest-ranked A5 Grade Wagyu beef.
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