London's Taiwanese Restaurant BAO to Launch Debut Cookbook

London’s popular Taiwanese-inspired restaurant BAO is gearing up to release its first-ever cookbook.

Since its opening, the renowned eat-out spot has gathered a cult following due to its tasty dishes that defy traditional cuisine standards. In addition, BAO gets its name from the steamed and fluffy buns filled with diverse options, such as barbecue pork, stir-fried beef, and glazed vegetables.

The self-titled cookbook features a variety of classic BAO dishes and touches on the cultural street food inspiration seen across its five locations in the British capital. The book details unique tales from each site spread across London’s Soho, Fitzrovia, Borough, King’s Cross, and Shoreditch neighborhoods.

First, the 240-page cookbook will take you on a journey through the history behind BAO, how it came to be, and the restaurant concept. Featuring over 100 detailed recipes, the food-forward manual then takes a deep dive into staple BAO dishes — from its delicious buns to noodles, rice dishes, drinks, and more — allowing you to cook them up anytime, anywhere.

Take a look inside BAO’s debut cookbook in the gallery above. It is now available for pre-order and is scheduled for publishing in March 2023.

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