‘Lucifer’ Final Season Trailer Teases an Epic Fight to the Death

The trailer is out for the sixth and final season of Netflix‘s supernatural series Lucifer, offering fans a look into how the titular character grapples with pressure for him to ascend to his father’s throne and watch over the Earth he presently walks on.

Resuming life in Los Angeles after the angelic war of season 5, the promo begins with Lucifer immediately thrust center of a murder mystery and accidentally making himself look like the the guilty party upon being questioned about the case. Apparently the LAPD doesn’t understand that, despite his youthful appearance, “time works very differently in Hell” and he’s actually a few billion years old.

A new character enters the scene who is likely to add in some action to the final stretch of the show’s storyline. First spotted as she sits on Lucifer’s rightful throne, a red-winged angel’s introduction to fans sees her vow to destroy him. Meanwhile, in the absence of a God, which remains a touchy subject the former devil is trying to work through in therapy, the laws of nature are beginning to bend in some puzzling ways.

In the final seconds of the trailer, Lucifer discovers that he has yet another enemy seeking to take his life in perhaps the biggest plot twist of the show. Moments ahead of a fast-paced fight scene between the duo, his partner-in-crime Chloe says that they have one last mystery to solve: “The murder of Lucifer Morningstar.”

Season 6 of Lucifer releases on Netflix in the United States on September 10.

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