Lunaz Launches Aston Martin Electric Vehicle Restomods

The classic James Bond automotive is officially getting an electric vehicle makeover. British company Lunaz, is set to offer electric versions of the iconic Aston Martin DB4, DB5 and DB6.

The price tag for the substantial shift for the DB5 and DB6 is looking into the seven-figure valuation. While there is limited information on the pricing, the DB6 is expected to be cheaper but will still “exceed $1 million USD plus local taxes.” According to Top Gear, Lunaz has specifically been programmed to allow for “brisk initial acceleration with the requirements of a classic car that is very much built in the mode of a Grand Tourer.” The electrified Db6 is said to have a range of approximately 255 miles, which is more than is expected from a non-EV DB6.

Not much detail has been revealed in terms of the technical information behind the EV rendition. However, the electric-DB will share similar features as Lunaz’s previous conversions. Though some versions such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom V conversion feature 120 kWh from twin packs, the DB Aston will likely use a single pack due to its limited spare space. Lunaz’s electric vehicles tend to support fast charging through a Type 2 CCS socket. The company has also promised that the vehicle will include “uprating of brakes, suspension, and steering, while interior comfort and convenience is brought up to modern standards through the provision of air conditioning and the sensitive integration of latest infotainment, navigation systems, and full Wi-Fi connectivity.”

Lunaz is expected to deliver the first round of electric Aston Martin DB models by the third quarter of 2023.

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