Medicom Toy and BBC Unveils VCD Astronaut Snoopy

Medicom Toy has teamed up with Billionaire Boys Club on a VCD figure of Astronaut Snoopy. Snoopy, one of the most beloved Peanuts characters, has been a NASA mascot since the ’60s — Apollo 10’s lunar module was named Snoopy because “it was meant to ‘snoop’ around Apollo 11’s future landing site,” according to Kennedy Space Center’s blog.

Space has always been a major inspiration for Pharrell‘s Billionaire Boys Club label, and this collaboration is a nod to that sensibility. This VCD figure comes with a tinted helmet with BBC branding emblazoned all over. You can still see Snoopy’s face, though, and the rest of the figure sports a clean white space suit.

Medicom Toy and BBC’s VCD Astronaut Snoopy will be available on February 27 on Medicom Toy’s website for ¥11,800 JPY (approximately $112 USD).

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