Minecraft Announces 'Dungeons' Arcade Game

Mojang has just announced a standing arcade version of its popular Minecraft game. Titled Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, the cabinet will be developed by Play Mechanix with four-player co-op in mind.

While the title was released last year on Xbox and PC, the arcade version of the dungeon crawler game will emphasize teamwork as the players battle through nine stages with the commands Melee, Dodge, and Range in arcade button form. There will also be cards to help with the fight. Up to 60 physical cards can be collected where they can then be scanned for in-game assistance.

Will Carlin, creative director at Play Mechanix, compares the PC experience to the upcoming arcade with: “If you take a step back, you can see the similarities between the two, but when you take a step into [a consumer] game, it’s like a waltz. An arcade game on the other hand is some kind of super break-dancing speed experience – it’s about intensity of the moment, and surviving as long as possible – an intense burst of fun!”

These cabinets are currently going through the testing phase and should be ready later this year. Head over to Minecraft to learn more.

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