Nitecore's P10i Update Carries 21,100 Candelas In a Compact Form Factor

Tactical flashlight expert Nitecore has given its P10 series a welcome update, now coming in the form of a compact P10i model that nonetheless packs plenty of punch.

Despite weighing just 84 grams and measuring shorter than six inches long, the little gadget packs 1,800 lumens and 21,100 candelas, all paired with a new cooling system to keep the flashlight brighter for longer. A throw of 290 meters gives the beam itself plenty of reach and distance, while a 50-hour maximum battery life provides enough usage time for prolonged outdoor expeditions or camping trips. Its 4,000mAh battery can also be charged via USB-C to give you added convenience when topping up from other portable devices such as a power bank. As you’d expect, the flashlight is also IP68 rated to ensure it won’t suffer from weather damage or strong impacts.

For the adventurous out there, the Nitecore P10i is now available over on the company’s online store for $80 USD.

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