NO/FAITH STUDIOS' New "NATIONALPARK EIFEL" Collection Has Roots in Germany's Natural Wonders

Oftentimes provocative, usually rave-appropriate and always double-take-worthy, NO FAITH STUDIOS’ designs speak the language of today’s fashion-minded youth. After revealing an aughts-inspired range earlier this year, the Germany-bred label has returned with a fresh lineup of noise-making silhouettes, galvanized by creative director Luis Dobbelgarten’s affinity for his native country’s scenery.

The 45-look collection cites inspiration in the geological landscapes of Germany’s Eifel region, one of the country’s largest nature reserves. NO/FAITH STUDIOS’ atelier, where the collection was sewn, is situated near the area’s national park, so the connection felt natural for Dobbelgarten. “It’s like a tour through my hometown area,” he said in a statement.

The environmental references are most noticable in the collection’s color pairings and graphic motifs. A leather coat, with hidden buttons, boasts a painterly motif with abstract strokes of green, orange and brown. Billowing denim trousers, with wavey seams and slouchy pockets, appear in a forest tone, while a bounty of straight-legged, wide and flaired iterations tap various hues of brown, blue and gray.

Elsewhere, experimentation and exaggeration prove paramount to NO/FAITH’s codes: washed bombers don astronomical pockets, and a fur-clad coat houses a fully-functional internal backpack. Dresses, skirts and trousers feature flailing belts, and over-the-shoulder bags are four times the size of what you’re used to.

Notably, the collection features a camouflage pattern, which was inspired by Dobbelgarten’s visit to a leather factory in Napoli. The graphic is only visible by close inspection; from afar, it resembles a product of antiquation. But, like most things in the designer’s universe, the devil is in the details.

NO/FAITH STUDIOS’ “NATIONALPARK EIFEL” collection will launch on the brand’s webstore in the coming weeks. Take a closer look at the range in the gallery above.

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