‘Only in NZ’: Jacinda Ardern gifts Sol3 Mio’s Pene Pati a cheeseball she made herself

What Kiwis stranded overseas miss most of all is a taste of home – and Sol3 Mio’s Pene Pati has revealed the lengths the PM herself went to to give him a classic Kiwi dish.

Pati was performing at the Berlin State Opera in Germany when the country announced it was going back into lockdown and he was forced to head home.

In early November, the artist found himself stranded in London when he was unable to get a room in managed isolation in New Zealand.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, the singer revealed that when he was in Germany, he got a special message from the Prime Minister.

“So, when I was in Berlin, the prime minister of NZ, Jacinda Ardern offered to make me a cheeseball and send it to Berlin,” wrote Pati, who now hosts Flava’s breakfast show with his bandmates Amitai Pati and Moses Mackay.

“A couple of months later, I found myself back in NZ because of lockdowns all over Europe. I meet up with Jacinda during her media run and she stops in to FLAVA radio where we chat and I mention this ‘promised’ cheeseball.

“Jacinda says that she will honour her word and come through for me.”

And just a couple of hours later, she did, much to Pati’s surprise.

“I’m having breakfast at the local pub with the lads and we hear commotion outside … it was Jacinda,” he revealed.

“In the middle of her media run, she stopped at Countdown to buy ingredients and MAKE this promised cheesball and then HAND DELIVERED it!!!!!”

Ardern even took the time to write down her cheeseball recipe for Pati, who was blown away by the gift.

“In what other country would the Prime Minister herself turn up to deliver a cheeseball? Only in NZ. Brownie points for you, big time. Thank you,” he wrote.

Ardern commented on his post, saying, “I still feel like I could have done a better job than one delivered in a paper bowl. Next time my friend! And welcome home again.”

Pati’s Kiwi fans were very impressed, with one writing on the post, “This is the best thing I’ve seen on Facebook this week.”

“Two inspiring New Zealanders! Happy Christmas to you both,” commented another.

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