Plans for the First Sustainable City On Mars Have Officially Been Revealed

Plans for the first sustainable city of Mars has officially been revealed. The idea rendered bt architect firm ABIBOO has unveiled a design for over five Martian cities, including the space capital city of Nüwa.

Nüwa will act as a functioning city and host a plethora of offices, homes and green spaces. The capital is expected to be built on a side of a cliff in order to protect inhabitants from any atmospheric radiation or pressure. EuroNews reports that, “The oxygen is largely produced by plants, food is 90 per cent plant-based and the energy comes from solar panels.” CO2 and water will be readily available on the surface of the planet.

Alfredo Muñoz, founder of the architecture studio ABIBOO said, “We had to do a lot of analysis based on computing and working with the scientists to try to understand what are the circumstances that we will face. We have to face challenges that are very specific to the conditions of Mars, one of them is gravity, which is only one-third of the gravity on Earth.” Muñoz adds, “Water is one of the great advantages that Mars offers, it helps to be able to get the proper materials for the construction. Basically, with the water and the CO2, we can generate carbon and with the carbon, we can generate steel.” The founder alludes to exclusively utilizing materials that could be derived from Mars.

ABIBOO, in tandem with The Mars Society and the SONet Network, has developed a fully scientifically researched design for the sustainability-focused Mars city project. Muñoz also confirms that with all things considered, the construction can begin as early as 2054, meaning that Mars may be able to welcome its first community by 2100.

Take a look at some of the renderings of Nüwa below.

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