Pretend To Rush A Sorority And We'll Reveal Which Chanel From "Scream Queens" You're Most Like

  1. CraftsTo be a part of a sisterhoodI’m a legacyParties and mixers

  2. None.Just oneTwo, please!Keep ’em coming. The bigger the family, the better.

  3. TerrifiedChill. It’s just recruitment.ConfidentExcited

  4. Via Getty

    Via Getty

  5. It’s a social status.SisterhoodMeh. Could be classier.It’s just a word.

  6. Instead of “initiation”, can it be called “coronation”? With actual crowns?How exciting! I finally get to be a part of something.Nothing. I’m here because I have to be.Do they wear cloaks like in Harry Potter?

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