Prince Harry Leaked the Texts Kate Middleton Sent That Left Meghan Markle ‘Sobbing on the Floor’

Though we already got some insight into what happened between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton prior to Markle and Prince Harry‘s wedding in 2018, now that Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare has officially been released, we finally have the full story.

The issue reportedly started with a text from the Princess of Wales who said there was a problem with Princess Charlotte’s flower girl dress, per Daily Mail. “Charlotte’s dress is too big, too long, too baggy,” Middleton wrote to Markle. “She cried when she tried it on a home.”

“Meg didn’t reply to Kate straight away,” Harry recalled. “Yes, she had endless wedding-related texts, but mostly she was dealing with the chaos surrounding her father,” he added, referencing to Markle’s father colluding with the British press.

Harry then added, “So the next morning she texted Kate that our tailor was standing by.” That response wasn’t “sufficient,” the Prince noted.

When Meghan asked that Middleton take Charlotte to get her dress altered with the help of her tailor, according to Harry, Middleton then clapped back, “No, all the dresses need to be remade.”

Princess of Wales & Princess Charlotte at Markle & Harry’s wedding ceremony. (ANDREW MATTHEWS/AFP via Getty Images)
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“Meg asked if Kate was aware of what was going on right now. With her father,” Harry recalled. “Kate said she was well aware, but the dresses. And the wedding is in four days!’

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“Yes, Kate, I know…,” Markle wrote back. “I’m not sure what else to say. If the dress doesn’t fit then please take Charlotte to see Ajay. He’s been waiting all day.”

“Fine,” Kate replied, finally caving in.

Not long after, Harry arrived home to find his fiancée “on the floor sobbing.” According to the royal, he was “horrified” to see her so upset and told his wife, “Kate hadn’t meant any harm.”

Reading the full text exchange between the two, it’s safe to say both Markle and Middleton were frustrated at the time. The texts were short, straight to the point and quite snappy to say the least. For Markle, however, the discussion was just the cherry-on-top of a hectic period so it’s no wonder it made her cry. Hopefully Harry’s support, and Middleton’s subsequent apology was enough to mend things back up just in time.

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