PUMA Taps Artist Felipe Pantone for a Past-Meets-Future Collaboration

Pantone’s portfolio exists at the intersection of technology and fine art, where his progressive approach to light, color and shapes reflects the ways in which technological advancement has changed human perception of the world. The artist’s digital creations find a three-dimensional format in the first-ever PUMA x Felipe Pantone footwear and apparel collection, which employs semi-translucent fabrics, gridded textures and knitted constructions across a range of innovative designs.

Within the range, Pantone’s designs fuse with PUMA’s long-standing footwear silhouettes in two new iterations: the Cruise Rider and the Mirage Tech. The former enlists a rainbow midsole balanced by a white mesh upper with leather and bright TPU overlays, while the latter arrives in all-black with formulaic textures and shiny finishes.

As for the apparel collection, Pantone’s graphic designs turn PUMA’s classic silhouettes into statement pieces across a wide range of T-shirts, shorts, jacket and pants. Lettering including “FP Studio” and “Open this side” land on select pieces throughout the collection while subtle co-branding motifs stand out atop bright colorways and the artist’s classic gradients.

“I wanted to create the perfect uniform for myself and my studio team, for work and after work,” says Pantone. “The collection embodies the street look from doing graffiti on the street and the high-tech essence of my studio work.”

The PUMA x Felipe Pantone collection is available to shop on PUMA’s webstore and in the brand’s stores now.

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