Research Reveals That Daily Coffee Consumption Lowers the Risk of Death by 20-35%

A study in Korea has shown that coffee consumption reduces the risk of death among Asians.

Conducted by the Seoul National University Department of Food and Nutrition and Department of Preventive Medicine, this large-scale research project is the first to target Asians, studying 330,000 people from a mix of Korea, Japan, China, and Singapore for 12.5 years. The research groups were divided into three categories based on their daily coffee intake – one to three cups, three to five cups, and five or more cups.

The data showed that the overall risk of death was reduced by more than 20% compared to those who didn’t consume coffee, though the percentage varied among genders and the amount consumed. For men, those who drank one to three cups of coffee a day had a 22% lower risk of mortality, while those who consumed three to five or more recorded a 24% lower rate. The figure for women differed slightly from men: 20% lower among those who consumed one to three cups daily, 35% for those who consumed three to five cups, and 28% for those who consumed five or more cups of coffee.

The research has also calculated the contribution of coffee to mortality due to diseases. The death rate from cancer decreased by 15% for men and 19% for women, and that from cardiovascular disease decreased by 27% for both men and women. Experts owe the findings to the physiologically active substances and antioxidants in coffee that have anti-inflammatory properties — all working towards improving blood sugar levels. The results of this study are published in the Journal of Epidemiology.

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