RIMOWA Enters The Metaverse With First-Ever NFT Collection

Make way: RIMOWA is taking flight into the metaverse.

In collaboration with interdisciplinary design firm NUOVA, the high-end German luggage label will officially enter the blockchain-backed marketplace with a debut collection of NFTs. Dubbed “Blueprints from the Metaverse,” the virtual line ushers in a digitalized future with remastered airline memorabilia in the context of RIMOWA’s luxury travel legacy. Conceptualized by NUOVA, the collection welcomes four original artworks — a food cart, a lamp, a sound system and a table — each inspired by the long-standing history of RIMOWA’s past.

The collaboration includes a glass service cart with 18 serving trays, featuring the luggage brand’s signature leather straps and logo-embossed graphics that highlight the specifications of the glass unit. Next, a transparent Bluetooth-enabled speaker system enlists Japanese sound-generating glass to produce high-definition audio atop RIMOWA’s classic grooved aluminum.

The floor lamp, which also features the brand’s signature aluminum cut, intends to recreate the soft glow of airplane cabin overhead lights by diffusing LED bulbs through a frosted lens. Rounding out the range, a telescopic table pays homage to the stylistic elements of in-flight airplane bars and lounges of the 1960s with 2mm-thin gorilla glass and one-of-a-kind aluminum handles and legs.

“With this collaboration, we were given carte blanche to create works that showcased RIMOWA’s legacy of craftsmanship but in a radically new context,” explained Rodrigo Caula, the co-founder of NUOVA, in a statement. “As we explored different narratives of where the future of travel could take us, it felt fitting that this collection uses breakthrough blockchain technology that is transforming the way we interact with art and design, and how it is accessed and valued.”

The collection will be exclusively auctioned on NFT marketplace Rarible for 24 hours on May 18. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the artwork’s creators and an unnamed nonprofit with a humanitarian lens.

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