Royal Expert Made A Jarring Claim That Princess Diana Would’ve Preferred This Prince Harry Ex Over Meghan Markle

While fans of the Sussexes are convinced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a match made in heaven, it seems one royal commentator and expert thinks they would’ve had one major family member against their union.

In a resurfaced interview from early July this year, royal commentator Kinsley Schofield alleged to GBNews that Harry’s mother Princess Diana would’ve preferred one of his exes rather than Meghan.

“I don’t think Meghan Markle would be around if Diana were still here. They might have butted heads. I think they might have clashed,” she said. “I think Harry would have married one of those beautiful, young women he was dating earlier in his life, like Chelsy Davy.”

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For those who aren’t up to date on all the royal families’ past relationships, Davy was Harry’s on-again, off-again girlfriend from 2004 to 2011. Recently, when Harry took the stand in the Daily Mirror trial, he gave insight into his relationship with Davy, and how the press eroded their relationship (along with Queen Elizabeth II’s alleged harsh opinions on her)!

And despite many other experts claiming that Diana and Meghan would’ve loved one another, especially since they would’ve had so much in common, this insight comes as a bit of a shock.

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Schofield also added that Diana would’ve been Harry and Prince William’s guide to dating if she was alive, saying, “She [Diana] would have shown them how to navigate the extreme media attention given to them.”

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