Sarah Sze Reflects the Living World in Massive Hillside Installation

Sarah Sze has unveiled two new artworks for the Storm King Art Center at New York’s Hudson Valley.

The centerpiece of the two, Fallen Sky, is a permanent sculptural exhibition commissioned by SKAC and features 132 polished stainless steel pieces that lay on the hillside in a fragmented circle. At first pass, one may not see the piece as it discreetly lays one with nature. However, with just a shift of the eye, Fallen Sky provides a transcendent experience as it mirrors back the living world, in a way she describes in the video below, “you could not see before.” As beautiful as the piece is, the 26-foot amorphous structure will eventually whither with the changing landscape — reflecting how elements change over time.

To accompany Fallen Sky, Sze has created a 50-foot landscape panorama dubbed Fifth Season. Light and shadow, photographs and and projections are harmoniously fused with one another as the massive panorama provides us with a fractal view of nature in all its power and beauty.

On the topic of immersion, Perrotin Paris is showing a rare exhibition on Mark Rothko and Hans Hartung.

Storm King Art Center
1 Museum Rd
New Windsor, NY
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