Sentinel Is Set to Release 1/12-Scale Figures of Caiman and Nikaidou from 'Dorohedoro'

Fans of Q Hayashida’s Dorohedoro anime/manga now have a chance to own two of the series’ main characters in collective figure form.

Produced by Sentinel and prototyped by Tomokatsu Tsukamoto of ZERO STUDIO, the two 1:12-scale figures arrive as Caiman and Nikaido. The detailed creations come with all the weapons and accessories found in the anime like the gas mask, knife, and bunny-ear mask for Nikaido. The seven-inch toy figurines are set for a pre-order date sometime in September with shipping expected early next year.

Those interested better start saving as these will sell for ¥19,800 JPY (approximately $180 USD) apiece. Also, fear not, Noi and Shin will also be released later in the year as well.

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