Sideswipe: November 20: Don’t you love a good shop pun?

Social experiment

What if all foreign products are removed from supermarket shelves?

Idea: As part of a campaign against xenophobia, the prejudice against people from other countries, the Edeka supermarket in Hamburg, Germany launched a social experiment. Supermarket employees removed all the foreign-made products from the shelves and left only those that were made within the country.

Result: Supermarket customers were greeted by empty shelves and helped raise awareness about how different and lower-quality life in Germany would be without cooperation with other countries. The experiment also shows that foreigners can add value to our lives even on a domestic scale.

Dolly and the vaccine

When the news broke that Dolly Parton had quietly given a million dollars to Vanderbilt University back in April to fund Covid-19 vaccine research, which was used to help develop the Modern vaccine, Gretchen McCulloch of Wired wrote some new lyrics to Parton’s song Jolene.

Your virus is beyond compare With spikey bursts of auburn hair That covid, that corona emerald green Your lockdowns took up all the spring Your bubbles soft like summer rain The whole world waits alone for you Vaccine(@GretchenAMcC)

Have a flammable Xmas

Real romance

1. “Today at work I was on the drive-through and a man at the window wanted to pay for the person behind him. He said tell her I think she’s hot. So she pulls up and I tell her and her eyes roll and she says ‘that’s my husband’.”

2. “In high school I was dared to play ‘gay chicken’, which is where two straight guys pretend to be gay and the first one to chicken out loses. The other guy and I are both really stubborn , neither of us wanted to loose. We’ve been married 14 years and we run a bed and breakfast with our adopted daughter. If that dude doesn’t chicken out soon I’m going to thinking he’s actually gay.”

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