Social Audio App Clubhouse Reaches Eight Million Downloads Despite Being in Prelaunch

Less than a year after its initial release, Clubhouse has managed to bring in over eight million downloads.

The feat was achieved despite the social audio app still being invite-only and in its prelaunch stage, with downloads skyrocketing from 3.5 million back at the beginning of February to 8.1 million over the course of the past two weeks, according to mobile data analytics firm App Annie. Much of its recent success may be attributed to various high-profile appearances from big names, including Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Of the total number of downloads, only 2.6 million were in the United States, emphasizing the app’s global appeal.

As for official figures from Clubhouse, the company declined to talk about numbers, responding that it doesn’t publish that information, but its CEO Paul Davison revealed back in January that the app had roughly two million weekly active users at the time. Other sources and analysts now estimate that the service’s registered user count could be between six to 10 million people.

On top of Clubhouse’s success, App Annie also found that other social audio apps have been riding the wave. Alternatives like Dizhua, Tiya and Yalla have recorded 174,000 downloads, six million downloads, and 34.5 million downloads respectively, although the latter app has been online since 2016. Other startups have caught on as well, creating similar services like Sonar, Locker Room, Roadtrip, Space, and Yac.

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