Solo Stove's "Pi" Pizza Oven Features Its Camp Stove and Fire Pit Technology

Solo Stove — makers of easy-to-use smokeless fire pits — has just announced that it will be heading into the portable pizza oven territory with the Pi Oven.

Just in time for Pi Day, this compact stand-alone oven accepts both wood and propane fuel. Designed for optimized heat distribution, the Pi uses the same technology found in Solo Stove’s camp stoves and fire pits, all the while paying homage to the construction and heating of traditional brick pizza ovens.

The all-over ceramic insulation and a porous yet durable cordierite pizza stone allow users to cook a 12-inch pizza in just two minutes. “We are thrilled to expand our outdoor cooking offerings with the addition of Pi. Solo Stove customers value experiences and gathering with friends and family, and it’s hard to think of a better meal to create and share than fresh, homemade pizza,” says Solo Stove President, Clint Mickle. “With Solo Stove’s classic design incorporated into the new pizza oven, Pi is a natural extension of our product line and we’re looking forward to continuing to elevate outdoor backyard experiences.”

Those interested can pre-order the unit at Solo Stove on March 14 for a price of $509.99 USD, or elected for an Essentials Bundle pack — which includes an attachable gas burner, stainless peel, turner peel, cover, IR thermometer, and cutter — for a bundle price of $749.99 USD.

For more outdoor cooking gear, Ignik’s FireCan is a portable Campfire.
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