Spend Your Weekends Watching all Free 403 Episodes of Bob Ross' 'The Joy Of Painting'

Those looking to bring a little calmness into their lives can do some under the guidance of Bob Ross. The estate of the soft-spoken artist has just brought back all 403 episodes, carefully categorizing them by episodes and even full seasons, all for free.

Spanning from 1983 to 1994, Bob Ross’ The Joy Of Painting aired on PBS and involved Ross positively encouraging viewers that anyone could paint. Known for his wet-on-wet oil landscape paintings — full of trees, mountains, water, and snow — Ross calming voice along with his idiosyncratic approach to teaching made him an instant hit.

While Ross succumbed to lymphoma in 1995, that hasn’t stopped Bob Ross Inc. from carrying on Ross’ legacy while spreading the joy of painting around the world — going as far putting out a Bob Ross version of Monopoly. Those looking to pick up a new hobby during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can start watching The Joy Of Painting, but don’t forget to use odorless thinner.

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