Suicide Squad game delayed because of fan backlash claims report

It’s claimed Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has been delayed after its underwhelming appearance in the recent State of Play.

The January State of Play showcase was a disappointment on a number of levels but one of the most widely criticised elements was the extended look at multiformat game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Despite being in development for well over five years the game looked like a generic third person shooter that shares little in common with its source material. And supposedly that viewpoint is widespread enough that Warner Bros. has decided to delay it, again.

The game is currently due out on May 26, but a new report suggests it has been delayed to an unspecified point later this year – although so far there’s no official confirmation of that.

The Bloomberg report, by the normally reliable Jason Schreier, is short on detail but implies that the problems are centred around the game being perceived as a live service title filled with microtransactions.

This element of the game has been unclear for some time now, although most recently developer Rocksteady tried to assure fans that all of the paid-for content was purely cosmetic in nature.

However, that didn’t stop the game from being announced as requiring a constant internet connection, despite the fact that it’s supposed to be playable as a single-player game.

Persistent theories suggest that the game was, much like Marvel’s Avengers, conceived as a live service title filled with microtransactions, both cosmetic and otherwise.

That’s never been proven but the theory is that the game’s previous delay was to remove those elements, once it became clear that the majority of gamers had turned against the idea.

What can be changed between now and later this year is unclear, but the lack of enthusiasm for the game is palpable and no doubt Warner Bros. does not want another Gotham Knights on their hands.

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