SZA Releases Digital 'SOS' Album With "PSA" and Her "Open Arms" Solo Version

Since SZA released SOS last month, the highly-anticipated album has continued to run up the streaming numbers. And to celebrate its chart-topping success, the R&B artist has decided to bless her fans with a new digital version of the record that includes “PSA” and her solo rendition of “Open Arms.”

“PSA” was first teased prior to the album release along with a video visual. Length-wise it falls on the shorter end by clocking in at one minute and 40 seconds. She references Baryshnikov — the famous ballet dancer — in the tune as an allusion to how she enjoys pushing the buttons of a possible lover in crafty ways much like how you must be flexible and agile as a dancer.

“Open Arms” has certainly been one of the more popular tunes from the new project. Fans have shown their appreciation for Travis Scott‘s vulnerability in his verse and soulful vocal performance. SZA‘s solo variation features a new verse from here where she expresses her melancholy mood over missing her ex. “I spent the whole night crying / I’d rather just f*ck on my ex again, at least he still loves me for who I am”, she sings.

The digital album is available now for $5 USD via TDE.

In other news, SZA dropped a trailer for her “Kill Bill” music video.

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