Take a First Look at Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in 'The Flash'

Following a series of teasers, we now have a first look at Michael Keaton‘s return as Bruce Wayne in The Flash.

Although the veteran actor isn’t seen wearing his Batsuit, Keaton was pictured on set in London wearing a blue tailored suit sporting a familiar hairstyle showing the age of himself and his character with his gray hair. Thanks to a teaser from director Andy Muschietti, we do know that Keaton will be reappearing in his iconic yellow symbol Batsuit in the film.

Set to draw inspiration from DC Comics‘ “Flashpoint” storyline, The Flash will reportedly create a unified universe that connects all previous cinematic adaptations of DC heroes. Effectively, the DC Extended Universe will serve as a “unified multiverse” filled with possibilities for upcoming movies.

DC Extended Universe’s The Flash is set to release on November 4, 2022.

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