The Estrella Superyacht Is Made for Star Wars Superfans

The Estrella Superyacht concept is exactly how a Star Wars fanatic would want to roam the seas. The massive boat that is split into three sections that aesthetically is designed to look like a Y-Wing and a Naboo Royal Starship.

The concept of South Korean designer, Yeojin Jung, each of the three hull quadrants allows passengers different areas to navigate the sea and is balanced by a unique fin system that counters the yacht from tipping. Jung notes that this structural approach will allow for different perspective all at once. An experience that will provide a “dynamic experience” for the future of yacht goers.

A bronze medal winner of the A’ Design Award and Competition, it’s unclear if Jung’s Estrella Superyacht will ever go into production. But as with all concept art and design, surely it has already influenced the minds of many around the world.

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