The 'One Piece' Cookbook Is Here to Give You a Bountiful Holiday Season

If you’re a diehard One Piece fan, there’s no better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season than to feast on the best pirate foods with your crewmates, and now Shonen Jump is here to help.

Releasing a new cookbook just in time for the more festive time of the year, the Japanese publisher has created One Piece: Pirate Recipes, a cookbook designed for hardcore lovers of the legendary anime and manga series featuring every pirate-themed dish imaginable. The 93-page hardback tome was written by none other than famed pirate chef Sanji himself, and includes instructions to create the Straw Hat Pirates’ favorite meals, such as Luffy’s iconic Meat on the Bone.

For the One Piece fans out there, One Piece: Pirate Recipes will be available over on Amazon on November 23 for $20 USD.

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