The Question Remains: Does Brianna Die on Queens?

Whew! ABC’s Queens left viewers with quite a dramatic cliffhanger when its midseason finale aired on Dec. 14. The episode picks right back up after the unexpected shooting that left Eric (Taylor Sele) and Brianna (Eve) suffering from gunshot wounds. The two are immediately transported to a hospital where the rest of the queens — Naomi (Brandy), Jill (Naturi Naughton), and Valeria (Nadine Velazquez) — wait to see if they’ll both pull through. Luckily, Eric survives just fine, but unfortunately, Brianna is left in critical condition.

During the episode, we find out that Brianna must undergo a risky surgery to retrieve bullet fragments from her spine. Toward the end of the show, we hear her flatline in the middle of her surgery while mourning fans are seen honoring her at a memorial. We’re almost left to believe she dies at the end of the episode until we hear the heart monitor pick back up — indicating that she could still very well be alive.

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