These Tweets Show How Bad The Flooding In New Orleans Is And The Tropical Storm Hasn't Even Really Started Yet

There’s a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico that hasn’t even made landfall yet and New Orleans is already experiencing truly awful and scary flooding.

Over five inches of rain fell over the span of two hours and parts of the city are severely flooded.

Apparently, this is just the BEGINNING because the tropical system in the Gulf will likely strengthen and could eventually become a hurricane.

See for yourself: it’s scary out there.

People are kayaking down the street.

And, uh, swimming down the street.

That’s a couch.


And here’s of those ice machines you see outside gas stations just calmly floating down the street.

Not ideal!

This person found literal goldfish swimming on the sidewalk.

And here’s some big whirlpool.

Very chill!

I mean, look at this:

Bourbon Street is flooded.

Still, people in New Orleans are going about their daily life.

Totally unfazed.

Super casual.

Business as usual.

Gotta love New Orleans.

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