This Divisive Brand Has Reportedly Decided to Stand by Ashton Kutcher After the Letters Controversy

Warning: This post contains descriptions of sexual violence.

While many have been cutting ties with Ashton Kutcher since he and Mila Kunis wrote letters of leniency to convicted rapist Danny Masterson, one brand has shown a subtle bout of support for him.

RadarOnline revealed on Sept 19 that the brand Peloton has chosen not to remove Kutcher’s program. Peloton and Kutcher teamed up in 2022 ahead of him, participating in the TCS New York City Marathon.

The program entitled Our Future Selves with Ashton Kutcher contains over ten classes, including plenty of interviews with him and marathon training videos. As of Sept 20, it is still up and running.

In case you missed it, Kutcher stepped down as Chairman of the Board of the anti-child sex trafficking organization he co-founded with Demi Moore called Thorn. This came after he and Kunis (along with two other That ‘70s Show stars) wrote letters asking for leniency in Masterson’s sentencing. However, Masterson was convicted of raping two women, serving a minimum of 30 years in prison.

Now Peloton isn’t without controversy as well. Back in April 2021, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission received multiple reports of children and animals being pulled underneath the Tread+ machine, which led to fatal consequences.

But what’s shocking is that Peloton was quite quick to act with the Chris North controversy. Soon after North was accused of sexual assault, they pulled the ad he starred in for them, per CNN.

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