Why Jerry & Marge Go Large is the unlikely scammer story we’ve all been waiting for

Looking for your next fraudster fix? Two Michigan retirees are about to game the lottery in the hilarious trailer for upcoming comedy Jerry & Marge Go Large.

Fraudsters, con artists, rule-breakers and more: TV’s latest obsession is the scammer story, and it doesn’t seem to be settling any time soon. 

In the past few months, the true crime genre has captivated viewers with shows and documentaries exploring the jaw-dropping schemes of those who lie, cheat and steal. From Inventing Anna and The Tinder Swindler to The Dropout and The Thief, His Wife And The Canoe, it’s only a matter of time before a new grifter gets their moment in the spotlight.

If you’re reading this article, then chances are you’re also on the search for your next fraudster fix. And the good news is a fascinating ripped-from-the-headlines story is about to drop –and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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Next month, Paramount+, which launches its new UK streaming platform on 22 June, is dropping Jerry & Marge Go Large, a hilarious dramedy exploring the real life story of a Michigan couple who gamed the Massachusetts lottery.

Based on a Huffington Post article by Jason Fagone, the upcoming film follows the remarkable true story of retiree Gerald (Jerry) Selbee, who discovered a mathematical loophole in the Massachusetts lottery, and with the help of his wife Marjorie (Marge), hacked the lottery to win millions of dollars.

Jerry & Marge Go Large

But unlike the majority of scammers who pursue wealth and power for their own benefit, the story of the Selbees is rather different. Here’s the twist: once Jerry deciphered the trick behind the lottery, he and Marge distributed their winnings in their local community Robin Hood-style in the hopes of giving everyone a hand up. 

Not only will the film explore how Jerry –a man who “happened to be the kind of person who saw puzzles all around him, puzzles that other people don’t realize are puzzles” –used his flair for arithmetic to launch a full-scale operation that grossed nearly $27million, but the call sheet looks set to bring plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, too.

Jerry & Marge Go Large

In the lead roles are Bryan Cranston as Gerald ‘Jerry’ Selbee, who won four Best Actor Emmys for his role as Walter White in the hit show Breaking Bad.

Screen gem Annette Bening, meanwhile, plays Marjorie ‘Marge’ Selbee. Bening has racked up numerous awards throughout her career too, including a Bafta for her role as Carolyn Burnham in American Beauty, and Golden Globes for her performances in Being Julia and The Kids Are All Right

The trailer for Jerry & Marge Go Large introduces us to Jerry as an intelligent but under-appreciated man who loves puzzles. His mathematical mind soon leads him to discover a loophole in the system behind the lottery and, facing serious financial issues in their retirement, he and his wife Marge decide to use the strategy to game the lottery.

Trouble soon comes knocking, however, when a group of college students figure out the loophole and threaten Jerry’s hustle by using it to create their own betting group. Take a look:

The trailer also reveals a host of familiar faces in the dramedy genre, including Rainn Wilson (The Office) as the cashier who sells the Selbees their lottery tickets.

The cast also includes Larry Wilmore, Anna Camp, Ann Harada, Jake McDorman, Michael McKean, and Uly Schlesinger.

Jerry & Marge Go Large will be available to stream on Paramount+ on 17 June 2022.

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