Woman constructs DIY gadget to rescue AirPod after it falls on train tracks

Retailing at over £100, AirPods definitely fall into the "luxury" category.

Which makes the fact they're so small, so fiddly, so easily dropped or lost all the more annoying.

So you can't blame Ashley Mayer for refusing to accept the fate of one of her AirPods after it fell onto a train track.

Ashley could have just left it to its lonely existence, but a day after dropping the AirPod, and seeing "he" (as she refers to it as) had survived train after train passing over, decided to rescue him.

Of course, there's a massive safety issue here – you can't just lower yourself onto train tracks and, being no fool, Ashley did first approach station staff.

But she was told but the operation would take two hours and she would have to be there for the whole thing.

This could have meant game over for Ashley's AirPod – but instead she saw it more as a case of "game on".

Using some duct tape and a broom handle, Ashley fashioned the perfect AirPod rescue gadget , and it worked beautifully.

The best part – apart from being reunited with her AirPod – was that he was still in full working order.

Which, considering how much they cost, you'd hope was the case.

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