Xx Parents Who You Definitely Don't Want To Get In Trouble With

1.This dad, who gets creative with his discipline:

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2.This mom, who uses old school photos to ensure her son never forgets his lunch again:

3.This mom, who put a subliminal message in her misbehaving toddler’s dinner that she knew they couldn’t read:

4.This mom, who will take things to petty levels:

5.This mom, who makes sure even the dog knows when he’s done something wrong:

6.And this mom, who makes sure the husband knows, too:

7.This mom, who confiscated all the electronic devices ever to teach her kids a lesson:

8.This mom, who gets petty during the holidays:

9.This mom, who won’t add her kid to the Apple Music account until he accepts her friend request:

10.This dad, who gets a little territorial:

11.This mom, whose cakes come with warnings:

12.And this mom, whose gifts come with sweet disclaimers:

“This is going to be your favorite gift…and the first thing to go back if you act bad. Love, Mom =)”

13.This dad, who is the definition of the word savage:

14.This mom, who will very sweetly put you in your place:

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15.And this dad, who will embarrass the hell out of you on social media, but hey — at least you’ll go viral, LOL.

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