You Actually Aren't Supposed to Mix Wasabi With Soy Sauce When Eating Sushi

The next time you enjoy sushi, you might think twice about mixing your wasabi with soy sauce. According to a new report, the act of making “wasabi joyu,” an amalgamation of the words “wasabi” and “shoyu,” is not proper etiquette for eating sushi.

Respected establishments Sushi Sasaya Korin in Kyoto and Itamae Sushi Edo in Tokyo both have both spoken up about the culinary taboo committed by many around the world. In a recent survey of 15,558 diners in Japan, 40.8 note that they add wasabi to their fish only, 27.75 percent mix wasabi and soy sauce, while 31.46 percent situationally mix.

Sushi chefs discourage the mixing as creating the concoction taints the soy sauce and ruins both the spiciness and aroma of wasabi. The proper way to enjoy sushi is to apply wasabi onto the fish element of sushi and dip pieces of sushi fish side down into soy sauce to not over-saturate the morsel. The purpose of wasabi as a condiment is to neutralize the natural fattiness of raw fish to create an enhanced experience with each bite.

The only time creating “wasabi joyu” is acceptable is when you are enjoying kaisendon (seafood bowls), as pouring the mixture over top the raw seafood and rice pairing is recommended.

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